Friday, 3 July 2009

stubble bashing and important shopping Q...

all the hay has been bought in now so we have acres of lovely stubble, and with todays rain on the sandy soil, the going is perfect.
not wanting to upset/wind up baby pony we didnt go totally mad, trotted round a bit to warm up, and he was sprightly and up to the bridle but relaxed.then cantered right handed all the way round at a school canter, again very relaxed.
then went left handed and let him run on a feeling of power is amazing, didnt dare let that great long neck all the way out for fear of no brakes, but he did pull up easily and settled to walk off on a long rein straight away so maybe next time i can go up another gear......... i want petrol blue horse heaven set or ANKY set in orchid pink?!


  1. you want both :noD:

    i LOVE that feeling that there's so much power yet not even at half speed. Build it up then when you finally let that neck go, it's even better cos you can trust your brakes :)

    T-Jay might not be an ex racer but boy has he got a turbo! Love it!

  2. yep both!

    harv is the same - turbo pants on and he thinks he is a racer!

  3. hmmmmmm, i am so tempted by the pink though!!!and it would match my new feed buckets which are the pinkest pink of all pinks....HP is in therapy!!!!!!

  4. Pikeur do breeches in Petrol Blue...