Sunday, 10 January 2010

if horses could swear...

Star would be cursing my father right now, virtually every horse we know has had at least 3 weeks off due to snow but my *poor pony* has worked as normal!

Really feel that he is starting to come uphill AND take the contact forward and not brace on it or suck back from it. Doing a lot of working giving and re-taking, and offering the inside hand to keep him loose on the neck, and again not bracing.

Surface is not great, but workable with so just not asking for huge super forward trot/canter as dont think it fair.

Had a pop yesterday, just a placing pole to an upright to a ground pole, to get him to drop his head over the fence and literally *pop* not launch over it. He got the hang of it straight away and was very careful too, clever pony. Ordered him a nathe straight bar for jumping as feel like he is backing off even just the happy mouth mid air and if i dont drop the contact totally he will stop next time, so hoping the nathe being bendy and squishy will encourage him to let me keep a light contact over the fence as throwing the reins at him is not going to be viable round a course.if not, might try a little hackamore.