Thursday, 19 November 2009


I have felt for a couple of months now, that my horse was a novice horse doing elem work. everything was nice and supple and easy, but lacking that bit of power and uphill balance.

tonight it felt like a elem horse and gave me a super ride. love my boy!

cant wait for 5yo classes next year!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Harry lesson today...

worked mainly on getting him to carry himself more uphill, so lots of quick transitions, encouraging him to take the hand forward and up as he pushed in to the upward transitions.

Harry very complimentary about how the medium trots are comming along and generally pleased with progress.

finished up working the leg yields, making sure he didnt dive out the outside shoulder, again Harry pleased with these so confident he should be ready for elem next year.

piccies here, but very blurred as camera not so good in the drizzle!

Monday, 16 November 2009

incidental passage....

despite feeling rough as hell witha suspected throat infection, and having the energy of a limp lettuce leaf, went out and rode the pony.
after working though the flexing exercises i did with andrew he felt a lot looser in the neck, like he was really reaching to the bit andnot holding himself in a frame.
then worked on medium trot on a half 20m circle, then collecting him up and going straight. the new looser neck meant he came back to me softer and quicker, and that i could push him on again straight away and not lose the quickness of the hind legs. got 3/4 steps of passage randomly!!! wont be chasing that, but good to know its in there.

canter work felt amaxing, much more over the back and through the neck, just worked on sharpening the transitions and going on and back without los straightness then gave up as i was pooped!

harry lesson wed afternoon, hope he sees an improvement.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

training my butt off...

took star to meet uncle andrew on sunday.
he was very complimentary about how iv bought him along so far-he was pleased with how striaght he is, and that he is nearly equally supple to both reins, so a good start.

worked in trot and canter going down the 3/4 line medium-collected, really making him come back from one half halt and go from one touch of the leg. the go part is great, he just needs to learn to wait for me a bit more now.

did some circles flexing and spairalling out, making him softer and looser in the neck.

got sent away with the one and back, and canter leg yields as my homework, going back in 4 weeks as andrew said no point any sooner as he's only going to tell me to do what im already doing!

pics here

so, worked a bit on and back tonight, picked up a whip to help with keeping the activity through the half halt, just a soft tap to keep the hind leg quick.
rode the canter leg yield from 3/4 line to just off the track so he doesnt learn to run out his shoulder, and also did some give and re-takes during the leg yield so he doesnt balance on my hands.

finished off doing some sharp trot-canter transitions on a circle, making him really spring off the outside leg and not suck at it. after 3/4 really pissy explosions, he settle and started to jump off the leg.

clipped him last night so he is super bald and shiney again!!!