Sunday, 25 October 2009

last show of 2009 and a red one at last!!!

N22 63.1% and 3rd
N38 64.5% and 1st

so no regional qualification chasing for us, not worth it as im not going to thrash him round for the next month to try and get 2 wins with the right score, no point-he's got nothing left to prove, may as well spend the £££ on training.

was such a good boy today, ignored the shit weather, flapping flags etc and just got on with the job, love him to bits!!!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

sneaking in..

so once again iv been royally craptastic at updating this......

....Area Festival went really well, out of 42 we ended up 17th on 64.5%, and as he was the only 4yo in it, i think thats a great start! He wasnt bothered by the atmosphere, flowers, banners etc, just went in the ring and got on with it!

piccies are here

3 weeks later we have just returned from Vale View with a 68% and a 67.8% and a 2nd and 3rd place! That was with a few bobbles too (wankiest canter transition ever seen, and 2 uber goat halts, seriously what is with the crappola halts at shows?!), so a lot more to come.
If Hargate goes to plan next weekend, i might finish the season with a bash at E44 in nov at VV-whaddya all think? its basically a novice with a leg yield in it.....

todays pics will follow once they are up on photgraphers website.....