Tuesday, 27 April 2010

big ole catch up...

so, I think star is going though the terrible teens!
Took him to Hargate last weekend, and he got himself terribly worked up over something (we still arent quite sure what), to the point he was in a white foam sweat, red nostrils, veins up etc. ended up retiring from both tests as there is no point him having an awful score on his record when he is genuinely upset.

dithered all week over whether to go to Keysoe Premier League, or not ,and in the end, we went.
Decided it would be good experience for us both.

i did eventually ride him though the tension, but it was at the expense of the canter work, which was rather tight, rather up and down and not at all over the back. so we got dinged for that rather badly. in the national test he threw in some random tempis, and in the international shot off like a rocket in the medium canter and then bucked, little sod!

ended up on 6.08 and 6.2 which is not horrifically bad, but i just wish id been able to get my leg on and show him off to his full potential.oh well, im 99% sure im going to do Addington PL in 2 weeks, and im determined to be able to show him off better there.

pics here

pony has had a bit of a bollocking this week about keeping his shoulders up,arse down and canter in front of the leg! feels fantastic, so im really hoping the brat stage is short lived.

Elms farm *normal show* next weekend, then addington.fingers crossed.......