Saturday, 17 October 2009

sneaking in..

so once again iv been royally craptastic at updating this......

....Area Festival went really well, out of 42 we ended up 17th on 64.5%, and as he was the only 4yo in it, i think thats a great start! He wasnt bothered by the atmosphere, flowers, banners etc, just went in the ring and got on with it!

piccies are here

3 weeks later we have just returned from Vale View with a 68% and a 67.8% and a 2nd and 3rd place! That was with a few bobbles too (wankiest canter transition ever seen, and 2 uber goat halts, seriously what is with the crappola halts at shows?!), so a lot more to come.
If Hargate goes to plan next weekend, i might finish the season with a bash at E44 in nov at VV-whaddya all think? its basically a novice with a leg yield in it.....

todays pics will follow once they are up on photgraphers website.....

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  1. also hopeless about keeping up! If you feel he is going well than give it a go but may be nice to keep this year "easy" and crack on with E's next year, either way it won't hurt him :)