Monday, 21 September 2009

so sorry mr blog!!!!

im rubbish! order of has qualified for the are festivals.......and ed and i have a house!!!!

most important bit first:
on home turf at vale view, pony easily got his second sheet with a 6th in N25 on 64.8%. was also 4th in N30 on 60.8% but we can discount that as judge was a miserable old sod and out of about 30 people not one got a qual score and winner was only on 64% then 2nd on about 61% so total stingey old git. it felt comparable to his first test so im going to award myself a 64/65% lol!!!!

so off to patchetts we toddle on sunday. its going to be a sparrow fart start as need to do the warm up class.really looking forward to it. debating on whether to wear my topper?!

house: as of 3rd oct ed and i are renting a teeny tiny cottage just up the road from his parents and right next to their pub! so shall be broke forever, although ed bless him is paying most of everything, but now want to go house bling shopping!!!! will more than likely be at home a lot in the week as horses here and will be lonely being at home alone all the time.

just waved ken off until the spring, last clinic was a cracker-great weather and everyone chuffed with their lessons.
pony demonstrated his grumpy toad side a bit, got very pissed off with being told he cant do canter transitions crooked and sucked up, and started his bronc at the leg when sent forward act, so we had a few cowboy moments, but the actual canter and trot work was great and on sat particularly on sat the trot was really carrying himself.
played with the shouder fore a little more, its better on right rein than left and i need to be careful of mad left hand on left rein (as well as floppy shoulders).

off to egypt on hol on mon, cant wait :)


  1. Wow, how exciting and grown up! Really pleased for you hun xxx

  2. That all sounds very domesticated and grown up. Should we be buying hats in anticpation?
    Well done with Star xx