Saturday, 11 July 2009

Harry lesson and pics:

pics here

Mostly pleased with him, there was a horse finishing off as we started to warm up and when they cantered we leapt in the air and then bucked and then leapt and stood up, nothing too dramatic and just excitement. i can tell when its excitement and nto naughtyness as all his veins come up and he rolls his eyes, he did settle very quickly though, and then his veins went back down and he blew his nose a few times and was then very soft and settled.

sat here watching the racing and thinking that whoever rode him with jockey stirrups was a braver bastard than me!!!!!!!

mainly worked on getting him straighter and stopping me drawing back with the inside hand and thus ruining the straightness! really pushing him to the outside rein, and then going large in medium,before back on to a circle and checking the straightness.
Harry was pleased with his medium trot..." not bad is it, you wouldnt know it wasnt foreign..." so praise indeed!

canter transition are still our weak point-he curls up and drops me a bit, so did a few pushing the hands right forward and if he ignored the leg he got a click, a tap and sent forward in to a gallop. much better after that but really need to be black and white about this.

finsihed up working on the leg yield, need to think outside elbow to hip and keep my toe in so heel doesnt draw up and back, then tap if he ignore the calf aid. def getting there but does need to be a bit more sideways now.

so....ken lesson tomorrow, then a week or maybe 2 off for Star, to relax and think about things! will then get him registered with BD and get cracking :)

wub my pretty pony. oh please note sparkley bandages in pics!!!!


  1. All seems to be going swimmingly. Once I am allowed to drive I am going to stalk you at a few BD comps- I am keen to see him in the flesh- piccies always show inprovement. He really seems to be growing up / filling out. His trot looks fabby x

  2. looking really good, going to get to yard to watch your lesson with ken tomorrow xx

  3. stalk away, stalkers always welcome!!!!

  4. looking fabby! xx