Wednesday, 8 July 2009

feeling a bit nothingy:

dunno really, pony is going really well, and im curbing my desire to do twiddly bits,just feel im lacking a bit of direction???? oh well, have Harry the sheep on sat and ken on sun, so will get bollockings and homework to think about!!!!

did a bit without stirrups yesterday, pony was fine with it, carries me very easily but ohmygod am i out of practice, had to work so hard to stay with him, he's got a much bigger trot that Rubi, abs were killing!!!! oh well, good for me(i think, im sure anything that hurts that much must be good for you!)

have worked a bit on walk-canter-walk and rein back this week. both are getting more on the aids but are still a bit cautious, kind of going.....going......gone.will come with practice.

mum bought me the coolest present back from Scotland-she managed to find the only tack shop for 100 miles in the wilds of scotland where they were staying and bought an amazing pink grooming back which has a waterproof pocket for a damp wipe down sponge, cooler bag area, whip holder, pink hoof pick attached and an outside waterproof pocket for bandages etc, so will be uber useful for shows when she takes off bandages and does last minute polish up.she also go a variety of pink sponges and brushes etc to go in it.
tack shop assistant apparently cooed "ah, is it for your daughter?"
mum: "yes:
TSA: "ah, sweet,has she go a little pony to use it on?"
mum:"erm,a 16hh TB"
mum: i should probably clarify that she is 25, matchy matchy obsessive and loves pink."

apparently TSA laughed her head off!!!!!


  1. Jumpies to inject something interesting?

    Snort re the pink! How awesome is your mum?!

  2. flatwork with poles?

    love the pink too - reminds me when my sis called the police to say my parents were abducting her 25!!

  3. Lol at the tack shop. I remember daughter going for a paid hack up in the Highlands and everyone's jaws dropped as soon as she got out of the car - I don't think they'd ever seen such pinkosity.

  4. Nother lol at TSA. Reminds me of the time I bought Joe his first bling browband: when I asked TSA if I could bring it back if he didn't like it, she looked somewhat nonplussed and my friend piped up helpfully "He's a very expressive horse!"

  5. thank god its not just me!!!!

    yep polework scheduled for today, and we may well leave the ground again next week!!!!!!


  6. Of course the horse has a say in what in wears! Honestly TSA is so out of touch!