Sunday, 12 July 2009

ken lesson avec more pics...


worked on my 2 issues de jour-lateral reaction to the leg and the dreaded canter transitions!

my sneaking suspicion was that the lack of sharper reaction might be a combination of dullness to the leg but also lack of strength, which ken agreed with, so did leg yield out of the circle and counter leg yield on the circle to loosen his hips. and am to intro some shallow shoulder in to help with this too, and only use leg yield on straight lines as a test of how its improving.

canter-someone suggested to me last night to think medium trot just before the transition and ken suggested the same, and also not to pull the outside leg so far back, and after one lurch and a leap, we then got some really nice fluent ones, so fingers crossed we have at least worked out a way to sort this.

got some lovely medium canter on the circle and medium trot down the long sides.

points for me-shorter reins and hands more forward, bloody well look up, and firmer core.

pony on his holidays now, just gentle hacking a couple of times a week to keep that stifle moving as per vets instructions not to let him down completely.


  1. Fab piccies :) Sorry to have missed your lesson but pony looked very shiny (and very full of himself!)x

  2. he looks fantastic and so much stronger every time I see him.

    What was the last picture ??? Must have been after I went home!

  3. snort, that was the willy doughnut!!!!

  4. hope he enjoys his holibags - elliott is like a springed crazed beast after his!! xx

  5. what did I miss about his stifle??

    He looks fab!

  6. not much really, when we first had him, just after i backed him his right stifle stuck(upward fixation of the patella doo da). its only happened 3/4 times since and its not bad, usually easily released by backing him up a step and hasnt hardly happened since he fittened up, but vet said not to let him lose his fitness/muscle tone totally IE a long holiday,until he's at least 6, by then he should have grown out of it.
    so its not much really, he's 100% sound on it day to day.

  7. He's looking fab.....more and more like a posh warmplod every day!!!