Thursday, 30 July 2009


one mild kevin the teenager moment today, when fuzz left the menage just as was starting trot work, star decided he couldnt possibly carry one and downed tools in the corner and started ping ponging around.......i actually remembered to kick like buggery (instead of just sitting quiet) and lo and behold it does actually return to earth much quicker when i do that!
then spent ten minutes teaching it that if i drop my reins and click it is to LEAP in to gallop and shoot off sharpish, which it got the idea of pretty quickly, launching off with enthusiasm, kicking and farting its way down the long side.
this got him really in front of the leg and he didnt think about dropping behind it again, also got him a bit more playful about it all instead of in serious work mode.
when i got him too hot in the walk we even got some very baby piaffe steps, such a clever baby pony.
canter transitions were bang on again, i think iv been bringing my leg too far back, this week iv been doing it a la carl hester in one of my favourite training vids, and just pull the leg off and *tap* it back down again to get canter-works like a charm.
let him finish by having a good blast round with me up off his back, having a buck and a snort and then stretching down in trot.

we have lost the finesse a little, but i dont imagine it will take that long to get it back, and i do feel today has made a lasting impression so will be interested to see if we can pick up tomorrow, where we left off today, forwards wise.


  1. interesting - fancy having a go at that on Kai tomorrow?? He is getting very behind the legin canter again

  2. reckon we sorted that today......go.....i mean GO....................FASTER!!!!!!!he was such a good lad again, really settling to hsi work now isnt he :)