Sunday, 26 July 2009

half time is over.......................for star................

first day back in work for lord Star.
was deeply unimpressed at being lunged in the rain and stormed round scowling and swearing. had a minor nap and when i tapped him, sat down and piaffed with a properly "check me out" expression, arse, but at least we know he finds it easy!!!

good to see he looks loose and supple and tracks up equally on both reins now.

so more lunging tomorrow, and then tues will have a little sit and see how he feels.


  1. :snigger: at Stars piaffe. Glad the break suited him.

  2. why when mine have a break they don't piaffe?!

  3. i will get star to forward his "teach yourself piaffe in 5 easy steps" DVD!!!!!!!