Sunday, 14 June 2009 blog post saddle-up gate......!!!!

Hello everyone, saddle uppers and non saddler uppers!
As i have now been evicted from saddle up, a few people have asked if id be blogging anywhere else, so thanks to Cassie for pointing me in this direction.....

Not a huge amount has happened in the land of bling since my last blog on the *other place*!!!
Oh no hang on i lie (lets start this off on a controversial footing..), on thurs night i was practicing walk-trot-walk transitions and Star pony got a bit hot,and a bit bouncy and was basically offering semi-half steps.Being the evil person i am (rolleyes needed here, do we get emoticons over here?!),i just gave him a tiny tap on top of his croup and hey presto-actual half steps. much patting and then let him walk on a long rein.clever boy.I dont think thats really pushing him too fast?take what you're offered an all that?

I also sat for about 5minutes, before i remembered i wasnt meant to sit(and of course as soon as i remembered it all went to hell in a handbasket), and he stayed up under me and soft and swinging, which points to him getting much stronger over his back, hurrah!
College Badminton young horse next sat,cant wait, mainly because i get to wear new shiny boots.which, incidentally, have eaten half my right knee, ouch.

Feel free to pass this blog address on to any saddler uppers who ask :)


  1. Hurrah! here you are.
    Very pleased you've entered blogdom post SUgate.

    Am thinking I am going to do a serious amount of padding out of a saddle for Sid as he's SO weak and poor over his back (very prominant spine) so was thinking of using a thin saddle pad with a dead sheep half pad on top. I think you use the same sort of set up? if so what numnah and half pad do you use??

  2. Another one who's pleased you've entered blogdom post SUgate!

    Good luck for Saturday....

  3. Hello, only me (waves). Glad we are able to keep up with your tales of bling and pones!

  4. Yay - bling and matchy matchy continues!

    I can't post my pics of Ken clinic but they are on Jan's hubby's website - greenlees photography. Look in gallery and I'm Jackie. sasha's been going well since Ken lesson. I'm believing in myself and he gave me some new tools! Oooh ahh! Where are you based in leicestershire as I might be interested in Ken clinics.

  5. Cassie-yes i used a thin cotton numnah with a thick (stephens) dead sheep and a rear riser pad, you might not need the rear riser, depends on saddle etc, i found it stopped the saddle being pushed back by his huge withers and shoulders.