Thursday, 18 June 2009

its working.....

never let anyone tell you that nagging does not work.....slowly but surely HP is resigning himself to lorry shopping.........
back to school for star today, worked on square halts, and we now get the front legs square 99.99% of the time, but i do often still have to tap the left hind up, im sure its something to do with me as its ALWAYS the left hind.will have to get ken to scrutinise and bollock me!
did lots of half transitions in the trot-bringing it right back virtually to walk then sending it forward again, to really develop the pushing power, like a huge half halt. that got him a bit sharper of the leg and more up in front, which is what i need for sat so will utilise that in my show warm up.
riding some smaller(15m-10m) cirlces showed up that he isnt yet strong enough to keep the suppleness and rhythm through that size of circle, so need to do more spiralling in and out of slightly larger circles and really concentrate on keeping him active and even in the hand in the smaller ones.
canter was basically good, transitions are a ton better, more instant and barely any tightening in neck, but just need to keep the bend a bit better.
got after the inside hind and got him a bit more off the floor which lil complimented us on, so again will do a bit of that on sat.i dont want to force him before anyone gets worried, just want to get him to show himself off to the max of what he can give.
finished up with a bit of counter canter-taking it right round the school so he doesnt anticipate stopping in the corner etc, only broke once, so pleased with that, for a 4yo he's so bloody balanced!!!
lots of suppling and stretching tomorrow, nothing too strenuous, dont want him tired for sat.


  1. Nagging is the way forwards!
    Sounds like he is coming on really well.
    Good luck for Saturday

  2. Where is Saturdays outing? Good luck xx

  3. Well it dont work for me, Ive even subtley been pointing out lovely horse boxes and Mr Cheesel just smiles and grins and say "NO" Have fun Saturday! x

  4. You going to take your test or you going for a 3.5T?

    Am loving mine :)

  5. Hello! Have joined you for some tales of bling!

    Nagging is the way foward, will you have a bling lorry???