Saturday, 20 June 2009

Badminton Young Dressage Horse report....

it was fine, it was good........and then there were loudspeakers...........and we leapt like a reindeer on LSD!
but after we got over the loudspeakers, he warmed up pretty well for Novice 22, much more settled than our last outing to vale view anyway.
the actual test was pure comedy-3 rings running side by side meant he just didnt know where to look, or what to gawp at first.this meant that approx every 10 steps we ground to a halt to have a good old nosy, until i pony clubbed kicked him in to action again.....i think we were technically eleminated about 5 times but kindly judge person let us bumble and bimble our way though.the good bits felt great and there was nothing he struggled with, but the grinding to a standstill kind of spoilt the overall effect-we actually got a 0 for something were i just gave up on a circle half way through! he got his first rosette-4th!(out of 4 i should add!)

he felt much much more relaxed when he came out for the young horse class, well until some tit leading a 17hh 4yo in a headcollar joined us and promptly lost control, then it all went a bit LSD reindeer again.......retreated to the indoor warm up and he felt amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing-so up, so light, really powering like a micro warmplod, canter was about 4 foot off the floor,so he's shown me just how much he can move when he's relaxed.
obviously lost that a bit in the actual test but still gave me a super nice ride round, felt really on the ball and much less baby wobbly, and no grinding to a halt, hurrah!!!
no scores up when we left so no idea how we scored, but im really pleased with him.
clever wubbly baby pony!
no idea what the plan is now.......area festivals at vale view are in october so half heartedly thinking i might try and get 2 novice sheets before then....hmmmm.....ken next weekend, will see what he thinks.

pic courtesy of the goth! piccies


  1. he looks lovely in the pictures and in some you wouldn't believe he is only 4! He certainly looks up for it doesn't he!

  2. It sounds like a good day, if a little "amusing" at times!

  3. Blimey doesn't he move well! That second trot pic is just lovely.
    Pleased to see he gave you a few ninja movements - would hate to think he's too well behaved *stickstongueout*
    Be interested to hear what you got - he looks more established than a lot of horses doing novice i've seen!


  4. PS sorry to hijack blog but need your superior help on this one:
    Firstly what tack colour for Sid:
    I was thinking dark havanna black being too 'heavy' for him??

    Secondly please help me find a bridle. My current one is going to be far too big and chunky for him anyway so good excuse to invest in a new one *ahem*

    I'd like quite a thin/plain one (bit like this in appearance ) with a flash noseband but would like the cavesson part to be padded (not necessarily crank!), i'd also like a mildly bling browband say gold clench :splutter:
    Must be english leather but not horribly expensive, under £60 if possible.
    Does it exist??

  5. hmm, the goth and i have discussed this at great length, do you have seperate stressage and jump saddles? what colour are they, as you couldnt possibly not match!!!!but very dark havanna or black would be best i think, i dont mind black on any colour really. elevator is IMHO the perfect width for TB's, padded but not chunky,id keep an eye on ebay for a second hand elevator, also Dever stuff is good quality at good price, as it Collegiate-iv no personal experience of the latter but heard good reviews.both do the padded headpiece style. Sabre?

  6. *banana* shall check out your suggestions thank you.
    Don't have a saddle yet but will probably be black so black bridle it is. I may do a makeover on current bridle though whilst waiting for bargainous new one and buy a new less chunky noseband and a brass clench browband!!

  7. Bums. I wrote you a huge reply and then my laptop died. Star looks great, seems to have really matured. Im glad it was a good outing ( the LSD Reindeer can be forgiven Im sure!) The Goth makes a good photographer too. Well done x

  8. He looks fantastic and it sounds like he is starting to settle nicely too.