Sunday, 28 June 2009

ken clinic report::

piccies here

fri-was really disappointed with this lesson, pony was a bit of a turd and decided that canter was no longer in his repetoire and took to violently kicking at my outside leg, managing to kick himself and a hole in HP's fence at the same time.git. i did give him the benefit of the doubt and a thorough check over but couldnt find anything, it was muggy and past tea time and he didnt want to play, but tough tits pony, you dont decide when we prance and when we dont!!!!!

sat i didnt have a lesson as i decided three in a row was too much in the end, so he went cantering the field and after one minor nap to the sheep(!!) went nicely forward, ears pricked etc.

today was our second and final lesson and he was a different pony. i had made a few minor changes, added a gel chin pad,and carried my short whip (pink glittery!!!) as opposed to a long whip, which he seems to get pissed off with, and he was swingy and forward and lovely, thank god.
worked on making him straight and even in the hand, being careful that i push him to whichever hand is lacking and not take the rein back to make it, which i can sometimes do with my erratic left handimage
did a bit of stretching him down and pciking him up from the leg to a lower or higher hand, and making him engage the inside hind and be straighter in the canter, so a little leg yield and shallow shoulder fore to canter.

i think i have eaten several million greenfly this weekend, we are just infested, its gross!!!

was so pleased *the grey girls* were all good mares, am so pleased and proud of them and their riders :)


  1. Well he can't be fab all the time and those pics look just stunning.

    What is that emoticon you have found??!

  2. i seem to have copied it from somewhere else accidentally!!!! i think its meant to denote rolling around wetting myself laughing????!!!

  3. He just looks better and better each time I see a picture of him. What are your competition non plans?

  4. Pictures are fab. Thanks for your hospitality, eye bathing and gossip! So proud of my little grey pony :)