Tuesday, 16 June 2009

fun in the sun @ Turner Towers.....

Decided to take a day off from prancing in circles and go for a whizz round the field, as HP hasnt been here to buzz cut the winter field, its like a wild flower meadow, and horses always do that hilarious boingy canter through long grass, so i spotted an opportunity for arty farty pics!
Star was initailly not too sure about this idea, and set off napping madly to the sheep in next doors field, not his chums in the house paddock, oh no, the bloody sheep!
Brain back between ears we then had a good boing around whilst the goth took pics, and was molested by many bees and flies, she loved it.....bless that goth, she is a genius with the camera.
Pony got more in to it too and seemed to enjoy it, he was so good yesteday i dont see the point in hammering him in the school.
pics are here- let me know if photo-bouqet link doesnt work!