Monday, 8 March 2010

lovely start to the 2010 season...

3rd with 62.5% in N27 and 2nd with 65.7% in N37 woo hoo go star!!!

i thought the 62 was possibly a bit mean as aside from a jog in the medium walk there wasnt much to dislike and he is very balanced and supple etc, yes it needs more power and oomph but this is only a novice mrs judge..........oh well...we were chuffed to bits and he beat loads of flash warmbloods!

also a well respected GP rider sought me out to tell me i had a class mover and that he would be a GP horse so that made me smile too, that even a pro was fooled (he was gobsmacked when he found out star is a TB!!!).

was nto as wild in teh warm up as i anticipated, 3 good frog leaps and one fantastic 360 rear to show everyone his new girth guard (!) but then settled fabulously.

love my pony!

piccies here

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