Thursday, 11 February 2010

growing up...

Long blog.......

Toddlerpone (cant call him babypone anymore!!!) is now 5 and is starting to feel really grown up.
Had a super Harry lesson last weekend, the trot work swings and carries me (even in sitting trot) and the shoulder in was effortless.
Best of all we got a fabulously straight, through and uphill change on his worst side, first time!!! so any demons about left-right flying changes have been firmly laid to rest.

I am considering if it would be very awful of me to buy some pink sheep snuggy jams for Star in the sale......hmmmmmm......

Am ordering a new quarter sheet for shows from my lovely Lili at edged grey with my initials in the corner, cant wait :)

My whiter than white dead sheep arrived yesterday and perfectly matches the white dead sheep girth sleeve I got for xmas so im even more excited about getting out to a show now-roll on 7th March!!!

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