Monday, 29 March 2010

training our butts off...

well, he feels spot on and i cant wait for the premier league now!

had a super harry lesson on say, really working on getting him straight and uphill to the outside rein and making sure i keep my inside hand still and not curling him up and over bend him to the inside.
worked on the walk a lot, picking him up and then stretching him down and doing transitions to trot only when he felt relaxed and in front of the leg. this semi worked, as he demonstrated some lovely piaffe a couple of times lol!!!

played with leg yields from the corners to centre line and the shoulder in, and finally HP,making sure we kept the engagement and suspension through the lateral work.

up in to canter and was going medium-collected-medium large and on a circle, and had a super uphill canter when harry said " ja ja now lets see the canter half pass"............."um we HAVE a canter HP???!!!"

well apparently we do! i need to think of it more as a leg yield and then change the flexion at the minutes as he just isnt strong enough to start off with so much bend, but he did two really good attempts each way so left it on that, what a trier!

piccies here

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