Sunday, 16 August 2009

show report...

much mad grinning here.
warm up was no where near as hairy as i thought it would be, he felt far more settled from the off and we only had 2 dramatic episodes of belly showing and a few gawpy grinding to a halts!
when he got going my god did he move! gave me some amazing work, so uphill and off the floor, felt fantastic.
unfortunately he did drop off the leg and contact rather in N25 and hence the overall effect was a bit stuffy and not that forward, however in terms of confidence and lack of gawping it was comparable to his last test at college so nice to feel that he picked up where he left off and hadnt regressed for not having been out recently.
second warm up was absolutely fine, really chilled, and second test he stayed up to my hand and off the leg the whole time except comming out of the rein back (bit predictable really, he kind of shuffled off instead of stepping off) but other than that it felt lovely and if im honest im bloody pissed off with 59.8% as it truly felt more like a 62/63% to me.hurrumph.

however if he comes out in 2 weeks and again picks up where he left off ill be chuffed to bits and he made a huge improvement between the 2 tests so really lots of positives in today.

HP was on trucking duty and was pleased with our efforts, and as star would only accept his grapes from him, now thinks they are best buddies and share some special grape eating bond!!!mad.

really annoyed that horsense didnt have my noseband in stock and that my schumacher belt hasnt arrived yet,grrrrr, but we should be properly dressed by our next outing!!!!

mucho excited about next show :)


i do love my pony!!!

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  1. Very good Star. Not long until you will be in posession of some shiney points I imagine xx